Tom Edwards for Kirkstall

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Kirkstall Liberal Democrat Candidate Tom Edwards

The whole political process is currently a shambles and politicians are near the bottom in the rating of public trust in professions.

We need new representatives able to move on from the poor decision-making of the Conservative government that has caused thousands of unnecessary …

Liz Bee for Bramley & Stanningley

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Bramley & Stanningley Liberal Democrat Candidate Liz Bee

Local politics will never be the same again after the pandemic.

Over the past months we have re-discovered the vital need for solidarity between citizens and the importance of local communities in making sure that those struggling to cope are helped.

The work …

Dan Walker for Armley

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Armley Liberal Democrat Candidate Dan Walker

I came to Leeds from Leicester in 1996 for University, and loved it so much I stayed.

I have lived in West Leeds since 2007 and currently live in Armley. I am committed to equality, and passionate about liberty and social justice.

I want …