Hungary: Anti-LGBT+ law is "disgusting" human rights violation

Lib Dem emblem in LGBT rainbow colours

Responding to the passing of legislation by the Hungarian Parliament that bans materials in schools deemed to promote homosexuality and gender change, Liberal Democrat Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Layla Moran MP said:

"Quite simply this is a disgusting piece of legislation which violates human rights and will lead to lasting harm …

Moran: “Outrageous” government manoeuvres deny Uyghurs their day in court

Responding to the defeat of the Genocide Amendment by the Government, Liberal Democrats Foreign Affairs spokesperson Layla Moran MP:

“Today the Government used outrageous procedural manoeuvres to avoid any straight vote on the Genocide Amendment and avoid defeat, in a flagrant attempt to deny MPs from having their democratic say …

Boris Johnson running scared of a public inquiry

Responding to the Prime Minister's latest COVID 19 press conference, Leader of the Liberal Democrats Ed Davey MP said: “Boris Johnson says there will come a time to learn the lessons of the pandemic, but the public will rightly ask, if not now, then when?

“The best time to learn …

Liberal Democrats urge Govt to extend income support for self-employed

The Liberal Democrats are urging the Government to extend income support for self-employed workers after they declared victory in convincing the Government to extend furlough payments for employees, preventing redundancies.

Acting Leader of the Liberal Democrats Ed Davey, who is asking the public to join his campaign to protect workers …

170 local homes have stood empty for at least 10 years, Lib Dems reveal

A Liberal Democrat investigation has revealed 13,000 homes nationwide have been left vacant for over 10 years, including 170 across Leeds

The news comes despite devastating new government statistics which reveal 127,000 children across England face being homeless at New Year.

Former Liberal Democrat leader, Tim Farron, has …