Liz Bee for Bramley & Stanningley

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Bramley & Stanningley Liberal Democrat Candidate Liz Bee

Local politics will never be the same again after the pandemic.

Over the past months we have re-discovered the vital need for solidarity between citizens and the importance of local communities in making sure that those struggling to cope are helped.

The work done by Bramley Elderly Action in helping those in need has been vital and Liberal Democrats would support and help them and other community groups to thrive.

The pandemic has shown that public authorities play a crucial role in servicing local communities, and, when we are forced to confront what really matters, that human values are more important than making money.

As life starts to return to normal, we must not forget these points. There is also an urgent need for schemes to help local people use their creativity to find employment again.

Public transport for Bramley and Stanningley needs to be improved to encourage more people to use their cars less. At Bramley Station parking is totally inadequate and leads to surrounding streets being clogged with cars. When services return to normal there must be more and longer trains so that commuters have a chance of actually getting on the trains that stop at Bramley.

I believe that it is wrong at the moment to plan for an increase in air travel and oppose the expansion of the airport. More air traffic will mean more noise and air pollution over Bramley. Instead, we should be looking at reducing pollution levels wherever we can.

I want to see improve toilet provision at Bramley Centre, support safer streets and campaigns to reduce litter.

I believe it is important to live in the ward and share the life of the community and have lived in Bramley for 40 years. I hope you will be able to support me.