Our 2019 Local Election Team

our local election team

L->R: Dan Walker, Liz Bee, Maria Frank, Edward Richardson

Leeds West Liberal Democrats are running a full list of candidates in this year's local elections:

  • Dan Walker for Armley
  • Liz Bee for Bramley & Stanningley
  • Maria Frank for Farnley & Wortley
  • Edward Richardson for Kirkstall

Download our election flyer.

Liberal Democrats Demand Action To Boost West Leeds Town Centres

The Liberal Democrats have set out a comprehensive plan ahead of the local elections to support struggling high streets across England, including for Bramley & Armley town centres.

Liberal Democrat spokesperson for Armley & Bramley described the plans as “exactly the sort of policy we need to boost local investment and ensure …


Amidst the infinite nuances of the Brexit conundrum all MPs appear to feel the need to pay ritual obeisance to “respecting the result of the referendum”. Continual reference is made in parliament and elsewhere to the result of the June 2016 referendum on membership of the EU as being “the …